October 15, 2016

5 Ways To Help You Write *Those* Chapters

Oh, those troubling chapters! Do you ever want to stop writing? Maybe you're stuck on a scene or chapter and nothing you write fits. I've been there. All writers have been there. 

What can you do?

These are some tips I have used/ thought of.

Skip It
Yes, I just said to skip it. You obviously tried to write it and nothing is coming. Skip to a scene you know what you want to write! Maybe that's all the way at the end. That's okay! It can help you write that troubling scene because you know where you are headed.

Just Keep Writing
You remember in Finding Nemo when Dory sings, "Just keep swimming! Just keep swimming!" Well, you just gotta keep writing! Even if it's the worst writing you've ever done; just keep writing. And don't delete it. You can edit it later after your draft is done!

Take A Breather
Maybe you have been writing for a while. Perhaps you do need to stop writing...for a little bit. Take a walk outside and move around. Play some music; close your eyes. Do another creative activity like crafting or playing an instrument. Eat a snack, but something healthy like an apple as to not make you have a sugar crash...that would be bad. Make sure to come back to write though! 

Watch A Movie/Read A Book
Yeah! It could inspire you and help you write that scene. Make sure the movie/book is kind of related to the book you are writing. You can't take notes of something if it has nothing to do with what you are writing!

Talk It Over
Talk to your friends or/and family! I was stuck a lot during NaNo last year and I talked it over with my family and they gave me lots of good ideas! You don't have to use everything they say. Maybe nothing at all, but it could open up your mind to other ideas! I highly recommend this because you could be so focused on one thing that you may not see the other solutions! I was like that and ever so grateful to my family! :)

I hope these will help you as they have for me!!