October 10, 2016

Changes Around Here

Hello lovelies!

Starting with this post, I am going to be changing mostly what I write on my blog!
Yay for change! :)

So what am I mostly going to be posting about?

I'll take you through how I edited my first novel and share my experiences during NaNo this year *hopefully* every week. I'll also talk about what I've learned about writing in general.
(I'll post every now and then about my life and perhaps some photography, though.)

Hope you'll enjoy it!


I'll be writing more about my experiences later, but for today I'll share a quick post about a few of my favorite articles on writing characters because characters are hard to create and, you know, they're *kinda* important in your story. ;)

This and This are both great articles about writing genius characters. I found them fascinating.

I really love This article about supporting characters! I recently found it and am using it to help with my cast of characters this year.

This is another great article for creating life-like characters!

Here's something for writing villains! This helped me with my first novel, but no spoilers for you! ;)

That's it for today! More posts will be coming your way later.
Thanks for reading!

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