September 16, 2016

My Wisdom Teeth Extraction Experience

Hello peeeeeps!
My parents are out golfing and my bro is working upstairs. I am sitting on a couch downstairs in comfy clothes with bed-head listening to music and typing up my experience yesterday for you guys!

Yes, my two wisdom teeth came out yesterday. Woot! One less thing to worry about. But, really, it wasn't bad at all. I was nervous when I first came in, but that's kinda normal. Although if I had to pick which was scarier (dentist's or doctor's appointment) I'd pick dentist and that includes the ortho, too, because I had to get my jaw widened and my underbite fixed with metal appliances they put in my mouth...ugh.

Back to my wisdom teeth, the thing I was most scared about wasn't the IV they had to put in my arm. I was nervous about being put under. Like, what would it feel like? Would I dream or would it be just black? Will I know? 
You see, I like to know what's going on all the time, but I was going to be out of control in this situation. 

My second fear was if I was going to be so loopy afterwards that I would embarrass myself. AND my mom and brother were going to record me even after I tried to plead with them...They said I would want to see what I did. Frankly, I could care less about watching myself be weird. *shudders*

I think people get worked up over wisdom teeth because people make it sound scarier than it actually is. Everyone has a different experience with it. Both of my older brothers were different and I was too. None of us were super loopy like what people post on Youtube. (Except for one of my brothers, who jumped in the air and kicked his feet together to say he was okay which was unlike him and my parents were scared he was going to hurt himself...but that was it, hah.) I was determined to not be loopy, so maybe that helped, but my mom said I was a little feisty. :P

Okay, now to the actual story. I wrote this as soon as we got into the car because I had gauzes in my mouth making it so I couldn't speak that well and I wanted to remember the experience as best I could, lest I forget. My mom told me if she didn't already know I was a writer, she does now. xD


    When I first came into the room, it was cold. The doctor's assistant had a warm blanket ready though. She didn't give me the calming pills like they said they would. :( [They had said at my consultation that I could take some calming pills to help me not be so nervous when they put the IV in.] She tried putting the IV into my right arm first...twice. So she put it in my left arm and that worked. It didn't hurt that bad, just a pinch. [But I had to go through it 3 times xD] 
    She left and I was left alone with the constant beeping of a monitor. At least they had music. After what felt like 30 minutes, the doctor came in saying he was going to give me some happy drugs. Haha. I got more nervous for that because I didn't know what it felt like to be put under.
    All of a sudden, my vision starting getting blurry. They put something in my mouth to keep it open and someone said that I was going to be feeling some cold air. (I think in my nose because they hooked up an oxygen mask there.) [Not an actual mask, just two plugs in my nose.] 
    The doctor asked me who was with me and I said my brother and my mom. Then I felt nothing. Blackness... as if I were sleeping, but I didn't know it either.
    Next thing I knew, I was waking up, but it felt more like I was dreaming. [You know in movies where a character blacks out and the screen goes black, but then starts blinking as if we are seeing through the character's eyes as he wakes up? It felt like that.] The assistants over me were chatting about something, taking off the clips on my wrists and finger. That's when I realize I really was awake.
    Wow, that was fast.
    I was still dizzy after I woke up and my mom and an assistant helped me stand up and walk to the car. I probably would've fallen if it wasn't for their help because of how dizzy I was.
    And throughout this trip back home, my brother is filming me and my mom is laughing even though I have no idea why.
    Ben asked me to dab and I knew he was recording, so I didn't want to do it, but I did a weak one, anyway, for his sake. And he tested me on math. [And I got everything correct, haha!]


He also told me to say one thing that I would say to people to inspire them (or something like that).

I wrote:
I'm not that loopy that I'd say something stupid! [I thought he wanted me to be weird.]

Then I wrote:
Be confident in yourself and don't compare yourself with any other person. You are you.

There you have it. Words of wisdom by a girl recovering from being put under. :P

But seriously, don't compare yourself to others. Accept yourself for who you are. If everyone was the same person this would be a boring planet. ;) <3

Today, I am doing well. My jaw is sore and I can't open my mouth very wide. Half of my bottom lip and chin is numb still, but that doesn't bother me much. 
I have to say, it was nice being spoiled a little. :P Having nice drinks and yogurt and jello and pudding and just lying around all day.
I'm glad I'm better today though. I don't like doing nothing for long.

Man, they give you a lot of pills to take though...which makes me tired, so that's no fun. Ah well, these are good days to finish editing. :)

Do you have experience with your wisdom teeth?
Hope you enjoyed my story. :P


  1. Ah, wisdom teeth. My teeth have always been late to fall out and grow in, so my wisdoms aren't surfacing yet, but I've had some friends who've had them out, and it was no fun for them. Puffy mouths and tired eyes for days.

    Glad you're feeling better!

    Ella ~ Simply Scribbles

    1. Yeah, it's not fun, haha!
      Thanks Ella!