November 13, 2016

(Finally) A NaNoWriMo Update

Hello people!

I said I was going to do weekly updates during NaNo and I totally flunked...but I WAS out of town with my fam for these past two weeks, so I haven't had a lot of time. The first week was for a business adventure thingy my brother and dad were doing. My mom and I had fun and shopped. :D Oh, and we also went to the Atlanta Aquarium which was awesome! Here's a pic of a whale shark:

And the second week my dad had a work meeting in Florida, so we stayed there for a week. I had a ton of writing time during this period! Yay! I wrote about 2k words a day, but on the way back home, I kind of slacked off...and I was also a little stuck. The middle of a book is always the hardest to write. But I wasn't stuck for long. Yay again!

Now I am home and I'm getting used to the chill in North Carolina...Florida weather is amazing. And I can't believe that November is halfway gone! Where'd the time go?

Okay, now some more NaNo updates / random tidbits:

I did start a day early because I knew I was going to be busy the first week and that helped a lot.

I figured out that I don't write well in the car. I get distracted too easily and can stare out the window for hours. *shrugs*

I learned that I LOVE writing in scenes rather than chapters. Last year, I made myself write at least around 2k words per chapter, but this year I'm writing whatever amount I need for that scene and it feels soooo freeing and I can just mash scenes together to make a chapter. Voila! I have a scene with barely a hundred words in it and my longest has around 2k words (so I may make that one a chapter in and of itself).

Um... my brain just blanked...where was I?

Oh, plotting helped me a LOT for the first act of my novel. But now that I'm in my second act (I barely had it plotted out), I get stuck easier. I need to get back to my plot board and start planning more of it, but then I get stressed 'cause I gotta write my words in for the day, but if I get my words in, then I don't feel like planning...and yeah. But I just got to suck it up and do it. Lolzzzz...

*dozes off*

Hmm? Oh, right. Still here.

My favorite character so far is Fae. Makes sense since I planned her out a lot and she was my first character that popped into my head for this story. She's sarcastic which makes dialogue really fun to write. She also has a sad backstory that hasn't been revealed yet...Muhahahahaha

And I have another character who I am still trying to work out while writing... I gave him a backstory, but his wants/desires are still confusing to me and why does he want to stay in the hacked game? (oooh, is that a snippet from my novel. Yes...yes it is.) Sure he wants to help others escapes if he can, but whyyy?

And I have two villains. One I hate. That's good. The other one is suppose to be not as hated, but he's still doing something really bad that makes him a villain. So, bad in a good sort of way...? Or good in a bad sort of way? Or..nevermind...

Now for word coouuunt. My word count is....*trumpet noises*

20, 536!

As of right now. And I need to write more to get today's goal in. So I will write about what my novel is about on a later date! Thanks for reading!

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  1. Girl, I'm so excited to read your story!!! Everything sounds so cool! It makes me want to try NaNoWriMo next year! I'll have to ask you for some planning advice because I'm a scatterbrained kind of person. lol! :P

    Simple Sentiments

    1. Thanks Hannah! Yeess, it is fun! :D Lol. xD