December 5, 2016

NaNo Is Over!!

Hey guys!

Yeah, okay, I haven't been updating about November, but NaNo is over now, so I ought to catch you up. :P

I made it to 50k! Yay!! I'm not even finished with my novel yet. I hope to finish it by the end of December, though.

My novel is about a virtual reality roleplaying game that allows people to actually be inside the game (via wires and such connected to their body) and one day hackers mess with the gamers, trapping them inside the game. Then, the gamers figure out if they die in game, they die IRL.

I found out by my friend, Anna, that there is actually an anime that is pretty much the same plot, though... :/ But I went with my idea anyway since NaNo had been only a couple days away. 

My main characters are Dani, Jordan (her older brother), Alex (Dani's new friend in the game), and Fae (the "most awesome-est female gamer" as told by Dani and the first female gamer that had finished the game, so she's pretty famous in this gaming world).

Fae is also my favorite character. I LOVE writing her. She's sassy and sarcastic, but also has a sad backstory that gives her character depth. Jordan and her don't get along all that well, at least not yet, because he's controlling/protective (especially of his sis) and Fae does not like being controlled.

I'll show you part of a scene where the threesome had just met Fae. (BTW, Link is the game creator)


Fae placed her hands on the table and leaned forward. “The game was hacked.”

“We know.” Jordan said.

Fae leaned back again. “Did Link tell you too?”

“Told me at the HQ before joining the game.” 

“Why the heck did you join the game then?”

“I need to get my sister home safely.” Jordan said and Dani rolled her eyes.

“Aww, you're like a little guardian angel. But how are you going to get home from inside this game? I've been to all the regions here and I haven't seen any exit.”

“Apparently there is.” 

Fae crossed her arms. “Well, I'll follow you then, Angel Boy. If we find an exit, we can lead the other gamers there. Sounds easy enough.”

“Except we can die.” Dani murmured.

“Say what?” Fae said, eyeing her.

“Dani…” Jordan said with sigh.

“What? You said so yourself just a minute ago.”

“I also said that no one else was suppose to know unless they were working with us.” He said in a low voice.

“I guess that makes me part of your team then.” Fae said, the corner of her lips lifting.

“You better not tell your spectators or Link will kill me.”

“Aw, dang it. You don’t want to go back to Heaven, Angel Boy?” 

Jordan raised his eyebrows at her. “Don’t call me that again.”


I have yet to think of a title besides Game Over and I'm not sure if I like it or not, but I have plenty of time to think of one. :)

Did you win NaNo if you entered? If you didn't, you still got a lot of words in and that's great!! :D

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Cya later! <3


  1. Oh, yay, sass!

    1. That was NOT sarcasm. I love clean sass in a book. :)