June 4, 2014

Crazy. Crazy. Crazy. Writing Contest Pt. 1

Chapter 1

    "Why do we have to move?"  Jessie's voice shook.
    "Because I can get a better job in the city!  We'll get more money and you'll find more friends than you ever could in the country!" Her mom's smile sugarcoated the icy tone in her voice.
     Lies. All of that was a lie.  Jessie could replay the scene over and over as if it were yesterday, instead of a month ago.  She felt anger boiling, since the move, but was overwhelmed with sadness as she glanced at the photo of her huge horse, Goliath. Or, used to be. Since they had to move to the city, her horse couldn't come.  Jessie started crying.  "You were more than enough for me, Goliath." She whispered, holding the picture.  Hot tears poured out as she became angry again.  The thoughts that kept coming back to her since the move, flowed through her mind with the same taunting rhythm.  Mom doesn't love me, she has never loved me!   She wants the money for herself, not for both of us!  Not that I cared about the money part.  She never loved horses or the country either.  I bet she's trying to ruin my life on purpose!  All of Jessie's feelings came crashing down on her.  She threw herself on her bed and started punching her pillow.  Why? Why me? Why are all these troubles happening to me? Why do I have to live with her!  Why does she hate me so much?  The last thought caught her by surprise.  She hates me.  "She hates me..."  Jessie said quietly this time, tasting the bitterness on her tongue.  Of course, she should have known already, but the thought never occurred to her that hard.  "I'm alone."

    Lying on her bedroom floor, Jessie propped her feet up on her bed and started writing in her worn-out leather notebook.  A week has passed at my new high school and still, no one has wanted me for their friend.  It's like a tall brick wall between me and society.  If Goliath were here we would jump over the wall, never to see anyone again.  Jessie suddenly thought of something and started writing faster with excitement.  What if I didn't have to see society again?  My (evil) mom, classmates, and other pedestrians, would all be something in the past.  I could pack my bag and leave without anyone noticing!  Jessie smiled sadly and wrote the dreaded words.  Because...I'm alone.  Jessie erased the "could" and wrote "will" in its place, feeling more confident.  Jessie wrote one more note; I'll try to find Goliath (or another horse if I can't find him...) and steal borrow him for my journey.  She felt her stomach flop with adrenaline.   

    Jessie's plan to leave was going to take effect in two hours.  Today was the perfect day, since her mom works on Saturdays.  When her mom came home to an empty house, she would think Jessie was out with "friends" at the movies or something.  That would give Jessie at least five hours and if her mom went to bed, that would mean a whole twelve hours to be able to get out of town, until her mom tried to look for her.  That is, if Jessie's mom really loved her that much.
    Writing in the small town park today was especially beautiful, this evening.  The soft cool breeze of fall, the cloudy day, and the dark hues of the fallen leaves gave Jessie inspiration for a poem instead of a story:
The fallen leaves;
Red, yellow, and orange hues swirl
From the gentle breeze 
    The soft scratch of the pencil and the breeze was all she heard in the quiet park.  Jessie checked her watch. Thirty minutes until the escape plan!  Why not leave early?  Jessie thought restlessly. 
    She checked her backpack for all of her supplies needed and stood up.  Jessie lifted her face to the sky and closed her eyes, feeling the mist of rain on her face.  She put her hands in her jacket and started walking down the road to freedom.

   Please note: This is not about my mom and I!  I love my mom very much! Haha!
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  1. Awesome! That was great and I really enjoyed reading it. :) I also entered, although I'll only post...in a while. Check out my blog? Love yours!
    Tane ♥

  2. Thanks, Tane! I'll check yours out! (I love your name!)