September 19, 2015

My Battle Scar

Okay, so I didn't really get a "battle scar," but I'll tell you what happened to me...

Yesterday evening, I was baking some bean burgers and had just pulled some out of the oven. I set them down on the stove and turned away to let them cool, but heard a clicking sound, as if the stove gas was on. I ran back and, without thinking, went to grab the pan, to check underneath.
For a millisecond, I didn't feel anything. It turned freezing cold, then I felt searing hot pain. Letting go, I jumped back, yelling in pain, and scaring my cat. I glanced at my shaking hand, noticing the blisters forming on my finger. My thumb also was burned, but not as bad. I held back my tears, while blowing on the burn. 
I can't even describe the pain I felt, it was horrible! And, I kid you not, it lasted for around an hour. Yet even after the searing pain was gone, it came back in small bursts.
Today, the pain is gone, though one of the blisters opened a little and that hurt, but only for a minute.

Being as curious as I am, I googled burns and I'm pretty confident that this was/is a second degree burn...yikes!

This was a picture from today. It looks terrible, but it doesn't hurt anymore!
The only other time I burned myself was when I was baking cookies a year or two ago. I grabbed the pan out of the oven with one hand, but the pan started wobbling, so instinctively, I grabbed the pan with my other hand, which didn't have a mit on...Yeah, I dropped that sucker and cookies smashed and flew, while I cried out in pain. I didn't get blisters, though I was scared to handle a pan for a while after that.


  1. aww that looks like it would kill ^_^ hope you're feeling better!

    1. Yeah, haha. I am feeling better, no more pain, thanks! ;)